Stone Pickers

5ft Standard Pull Type

AFE now offers a standard 5ft Pull Type Stone Picker for optimal stone removal. Each Stone Picker comes with a Holding Bin for "on the go" field storage making disposal of stones easier.

7½ft Industrial Grade Pull Type

Our 7½ft industrial grade Stone Picker also offers a Holding Bin for field storage and is engineered to remove stones in a large area.

10ft Industrial Grade Pull Type W/ Conveyor Option

AFE also offers a 10ft industrial grade Stone Picker with a Holding Bin an optional Unloading Conveyor to load trucks or trailers in the fields.
With Optional Unloading Conveyor
4RPTSP 21109_edited.jpg
Without Optional Unloading Conveyor
With Optional Unloading Conveyor
Without Optional Unloading Conveyor