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About AFE

Mission Statement 
Be the best custom provider to the World Wide Potato Industry, with quality built equipment, parts, and services; while, maintaining the best possible dealer and farming entity relationships and satisfaction. Grow our company at a sustainable rate that maintains targeted profitability, while providing employees with a safe work environment and a fair and adequate living.
    Advanced Farm Equipment (AFE) is the manufacturer of Lenco Equipment. Each year we strive to improve with new technolgy, innovating hydraulics and electronics for better control and data logging, tying into your GPS. Developing better cleaning devices for removal of debris and foreign materials. 
    AFE also works to make the small things easier, resulting in less down time for the Farmer. We have developed a Double Hinge Belt Clip that extends the life and length of the clip and belt, and a tool (Star

Band Kit) that permanently replaces stars in the field without dissembling the shaft. AFE carries a large variety of stocked parts too.

Parts Department

Our Parts Department is open:
 Monday-Friday 6:30am-5pm

Harvester Spotlight

Contact information of Dealers in the U.S.A. and Canada

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Life of an AFE Harvester

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