Other Equipment

Tube Gators

Planter Filler

Used to straighten crushed air flow tubes (culverts).

*Small Tube Gator: 

Fits 12"-18" diameter tubes. 

*Large Tube Gator:

Fits 24"-30" diameter tubes

*Custom options available

Quickly load potato planters.


Potato Scooper

Heavy duty telescoping conveyor quickly loads out potatoes. Features a powerful hydraulic ground drive.

3 point mounted 6 or 8 Row Folding Hiller Frame.

8 row folds to 13-1/2'.

Wash Line Destoner

Barrel Washer

Removes stones & debris.

Portable 4' or 5' Barrel Washer. 

Storage Conveyors

Dirt Eliminator

Customized cleaning 

options and undercarriages

AFE offers many Dirt Eliminator options. Contact our sales department to discuss your unique requirements.

Conveyor lengths are 30' & 35', width 36". Quickly connect and disconnect to reach the piler deep in the storage facility. 

Stone Picker

Load Out Surge Tank

Customized cleaning 

options and undercarriages

AFE offers many Surge Tank options. 

2, 3, 4 & 6 Row

Pull Type units

Hydraulic drives run off your tractor and allows easy speed control, pressure relief for jammed digger chains & reversing.

Airhead conversions on competitor frames.



W/ 65" Lenco




W/ 65" Lenco


Rewire Projects: Harvester Recon

1998 Lenco 4 Row Self Propelled Harvester 

Front Axle, steering and diggerbed reconditioning. 

Potato Bin added, Hydraulics and Electrical upgrades.

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